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Programmable SMS

Send and receive messages worldwide with an SMS API trusted by over 400,000 developers.

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Connect to 7 billion devices worldwide

Send SMS messages programmatically from your product, website, or app.

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Resilient REST API
Integrate our high availability, auto-scaling API, including built-in redundancies, failovers and enterprise ready SLAs.
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Phone numbers in 70+ countries
Set up localized numbers with immediate access to SMS-, MMS- and Voice-capable numbers in 70+ countries, including short codes in select countries.
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The only CPaaS registered as carrier
Connect to customers with greater security, speed, reliability and at lower costs than any other platform, thanks to our unique carrier infrastructure.

Loved by developers

Start sending messages within minutes through an intuitive SMS API.

curl -X POST \
-H 'Authorization: AccessKey YOUR_ACCESS_KEY' \
-d "recipients=31612345678" \
-d "originator=MessageBird" \
-d "body=This is a test message"
  • Extensive documentation
  • SDKs in your preferred language
  • Quickstart guides and tutorials
  • Free credits to start testing
  • One API. All essential features.

    Get everything you need, whether you’re sending a hundred or a million messages.

    Never pay more than you should

    Leverage our global scale and infrastructure to get the best price for your messages.

    Competitive rates
    Our routing technology gets you the best rates at the best quality.
    Pay as you go
    Pay only for what you use. No contracts. No capacity planning.
    High-volume discounts
    Take advantage of bulk pricing for high-volume messaging.
    Free inbound SMS
    Only pay for outgoing SMS. Inbound messages are free.
    sms iconLocal SMS
    Fast, reliable message delivery through our globally connected API.
    per message

    See how 15,000 businesses use MessageBird

    Improve communication for each touchpoint across your customer journey.

    Integrate two-factor authentication
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    Automate notifications and reminders
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    Send Bulk SMS Campaigns
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    Create an omnichannel messaging system
    Unsure where to start? Our experts are always happy to help.Talk to our experts
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    We exclusively use hosting providers that are ISO/IEC 27001 compliant
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    Our employees are screened for expertise, experience and integrity.

    Serious about security

    We don’t compromise on data protection. MessageBird continuously invests in safeguards and precautions throughout our infrastructure and company policies.

    Global compliance support

    We help you navigate local and international regulations, with proven experience assisting hospitals, financial institutions and enterprises around the world.

    Get in touchNeed advice? Contact one of our legal experts
    Global Compliance
    Get in touchNeed advice? Contact one of our legal experts
    Send SMS without writing code
    Create your own personalized templates, import existing contacts and just hit send with Campaign Builder. Sending SMS has never been easier.Learn more
    Drag, drop and go with Flow Builder
    Build intelligent messaging flows with an easy-to-use visual editor. Get started with pre-built templates or create from scratch.Learn more

    In the past, we would be lucky to send 1M messages in 4-5 hours. With MessageBird, we send 1 M messages in 10 minutes. Every second counts, MessageBird is literally saving lives.

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    Frank Hoen

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